February 1, 2012

Beach Bar

Fragrance of vetiver, patchouli, clove and lemon essential oils. De-vine!

I love this soap and will definitely make it again and maybe tweak the recipe a bit.
The bottom layer is made with olive oil infused with sage and charcoal. And kosher salt.
Salt doesn't add scrubbiness to soap. It makes the lather lotion-y, so I added cornmeal to do that. Good for those rough, dry spots—knees, elbows, feet etc… Salt in soap is wonderful. Really makes your skin feel fabulous and sexy—like it feels after spending the day swimming in the ocean.
The top part is just a basic lard soap with some shea. Smooth as buttercream frosting—no scrub, so it's like two bars in one. The lovely whisper of yellow is brought to you by a smidge of marigold infused olive oil.
Next time I make this, I'll use ocean water to dissolve the lye and add some seaweed to the bottom layer. Maybe swap sand for cornmeal to make it more beach-y.