May 25, 2012

Hot Process Castile

This almost needs a paper umbrella.

I really love making olive oil soap. Funny though, I don't like the word 'castile.' It sounds harsh. But it's the proper word if you use 100% olive oil.
This was done using the hot process—which I'm feeling more comfortable with. I like that you don't have to wait so long for the soap to cure.
Cut it into big chunks to avoid all the weird trimmings that I have when I use my silicon loaf mold. I think it has a more 'Gilligan's Island' look to it that way as well. Used Coconut/Lime Verbena  fragrance oil that I found at Gold Star. So summery. Added some ground lemon verbena and poppy seeds for fun.
Myrtle, jasmine and rhubarb infused in the olive oil are responsible for the great color.

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