January 27, 2013

Baby Olive Oil Bars

Layered olive oil soap is nothing new for me, I've done it twice before, but this is the first time I did it using a silicone mini-loaf pan as a mold. I bought the pan before I found out about miter boxes and figured it was an easy way to make uniform bars—and for making Beach Bars since the salt causes crumbling when cutting.
The bars are on the smallish side, but so adorable (and alas a little rustic).
Made these the day after Christmas. Infused (from top to bottom) with wild indigo, mint and nettle. Did a 10% superfat. No fragrance. Cold Process/Oven Process, so they were technically ready the next day, but I'm curing them until February. I've read that a long cure helps get rid of the 'slimy' lather that olive oil soap tends to produce.
One bar of this batch has already gone into the shower with me. Fab.