February 10, 2013

Subplot Soap: Spring 2013

As New York digs out of a blizzard and plunges into Fashion Week, Subplot Soap unlocks the doors of its curing facilities to unveil The Spring Collection.

Don't look for garish pastel colors reminiscent of cavity-inducing Easter candy. The hues this season are earthy and sophisticated. Hemlines are crisper—and for the most part, even.  

Look for playful embeds that keep bars from being too straight-laced. Unexpected ingredients like Himalayan pink sea salt, cheap red wine, coffee butter and lime basil will wake up your skin and get it ready to ditch the parkas and itchy wool socks.
Fragrances from Subplot Soap this spring feature bold blends with ginger, black pepper, crisp citruses and notes of the exotic. Think smart, sexy and just a little bit snarky.

The bars, like any haute couture collection will be limited to a select few lather fashionistas.  Wanna be one of them? See what's available.

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