February 2, 2014

Junk Soap and a New Direction

This will be my last post on Subplot Soap. I'm wrapping up this blog and this stage of my soap making adventures and focusing on Deathbed of Roses, the first book of The Haley Maxwell Soap Making Mysteries.

I'll still be making soap, but I'll be working on recipes that will be included in the book(s) and on my new blog. 

Since I'll be making less soap, I decided to clean out my soap cabinet and make a batch just for myself using all the odds and ends, scraps and leftovers from other projects. The olive oil I used was a combo of tiny amounts I'd infused with woad, rhubarb, lady's bedstraw and charcoal. There are also small amounts of sesame seed oil, cocoa butter and lard.

Instead of water I used 100% reduced booze—sweet vermouth and sangria. Lots of sugar in this baby. The lather should be insane.

Of course, I ran the whole thing through SoapCal and tweaked my amounts of coconut oil, castor etc…

For the fragrance I used the last of my champagne from Bramble Berry, some pink grapefruit and a little patchouli. Love it. It's like a hippie pop star.

I poured the mixture over a bunch of leftovers and scraps.

It was very liberating cleaning out my cabinet—and I think it'll be great soap. It was also very liberating not to care what the soap looked like or how straight I cut the bars since it was just for me.

My goal is to have the first draft of Deathbed of Roses finished by the time my junk soap has cured.

Thank you all for reading Subplot Soap for the past two years and I hope you start following The Haley Maxwell Soap Making Mysteries. They'll be some fun soap recipes, tutorials, tips and hints. And maybe a dead body or two.