November 25, 2012

Somalian Rose and Sandalwood

This soap wasn't supposed to look like this at all.

It's made with olive oil infused with dried rose hips—which are said to be loaded with vitamin A and C, calcium and plant flavonoids.  Great stuff for your skin. And from what I read, would make a peach to mauve-ish soap.

The plan was for that with a charcoal swirl as contrast.

However, I screwed up by making a rose petal tea for the lye water, thus turning the soap brownie brown. And the fragrance oils I used accelerated the trace so there're blobs instead of swirls.
The fragrance is amazing though. I don't like straight rose (in this case Arabian rose). It smells too old lady to me, so I added Somalian rose, black sandalwood and ylang-ylang. The result is very exotic. Picture harems, silk pillows and men with thick mustaches.
It's lovely in the shower. Incredible (although brown) lather. Makes my skin feel soft and smooth. Like a rose petal.
I took a bunch of photos of the soap, but no matter how many rose petals I added or silver trays I placed it on, it still looks like a brownie.
Then I labeled it with an under layer of paper with roses on it and it did look a better--since you can barely see the saop.

olive oil pomace infused with rosehips/charcoal
coconut oil
shea butter
palm kernel oil
castor oil

powdered rosehips

NYC tap water infused with rose petals

Somalian rose, Arabian rose, ylang ylang and black sandalwood fragrance oils

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