November 8, 2012

Pomegranate and Mint #2

I had a request for more Pomegranate and Mint for a friend to give as Christmas gifts.

I tweaked the recipe and jazzed it up a bit. I love using balls. They're so playful and fun. These are hot process using lard which was scary to me. I was afraid the heat would make the lard piggy-smelling. Not so, I guess after the lard saponifies, heat isn't an issue.

It's actually a big, tedious job to make over a pound of balls—about half way through, I decided I was over making them and used the remaining soap to create the base (which is now the top). I think it looks good. Sometimes laziness pays off.  The little line separating the top from the greenish part and the lines around the balls are brought to you by powdered mint.

Note that I didn't trim these bars. After looking at thousands of soap photos online, I've become enamored with a nice, sharp edge.

olive oil pomace infused with lemon balm and mint
palm kernel oil
coconut oil
castor oil
powdered mint
NYC Tap Water

peppermint, wintergreen, clove, ho wood and tea tree essential oils.
pomegranate and vanilla fragrance oil

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