December 29, 2011

Lavender and Lemon Balm

I need to start coming up with clever names for my soap.
I'm thrilled with how herbs color oils, which in turn, color soap. And I'm already researching and planning what I'll grow in Oasis next season (I'm thinking lady's bedstraw, madder—maybe some indigo). I'm also fascinated with the textures .
The outer layers of this soap were made with lemon balm infused olive oil that I re-batched using lemon balm infused distilled water. Love the  golden-yellow-brown color. The inner bit is infused with lavender.  I added leftover lavender soap chunks for some contrast and a strip of ground lemon balm (that turned a beautiful dark brown) for fun.
Using herbs in soap has endless possibilities. If only they would keep their fragrance.
To liken this to writing: I've learned how to write a sentence (make soap) and now I'm learning a new vocabulary (using herbs in different ways) to write a more interesting sentence.
At this point, I'm not sure what I want the sentence to say, I just want to play and experiment until I find a voice.
olive oil infused with lemon balm/lavender
distilled water infused with lemon balm
palm kernel oil
coconut oil
castor oil
ground lemon balm
lavender and lemon essential oils