March 17, 2012

Midnight in Hell's Kitchen

A column of lights in the building a block away from mine.
They have an elevator.
But I have a bathtub in my kitchen.
A tenement luxury.  
I can soak and look out the window and cook pasta all at the same time.

The Empire is lit up green for St. Patrick's Day.
Every so often there's a flash as a tourist takes a photo.
It will go dark at 2 AM.

olive oil infused with nettle, sage/marigolds and annatto seeds
shea butter infused with lemon thyme
palm kernel oil
coconut oil
soybean oil
castor oil
NYC tap water infused with activated charcoal

Poetically scented with patchouli, nag champa and black sandalwood fragrance oils and vetiver, tea tree, may change and lemon essential oils.